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GOSENJAKU Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will state the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “the policy”) regarding personal information entrusted to our company by customers, business partners, applicants for employment, and staff (hereinafter referred to as “the customers”), and will faithfully implement it.

1. Definition of personal information

Personal information refers to information that can be used to identify an individual, such as name, address, telephone number, etc. It also includes information that can be combined with other information to identify an individual.

2. Compliance with related laws and regulations, guidelines, and etc.

Our company will handle personal data appropriately in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations, as well as the guidelines from the Privacy Protection Committee and other guidelines.

3. Content of personal information our company receives

1. Information our company receives from the customers

The information our company will receive from the customers include name, address and other basic information, telephone number, e-mail address and other contact information, information entered on forms provided by our company, information entered by our company’s staff with the customer’s direction, information about previous stays, information about used services and purchased products, information on preferences of the customers that our company become aware of during the stay, information provided by the customers to use our company’s services, information provided by travel agents which were provided to receive reservations of stays, etc. from the customers, essential information for transactions such as credit card information, and etc.

2. Information our company collects when visiting our company’s website

Our company may collect device information, log information, cookies and anonymous IDs, location information, IP addresses and personal identification information when the customers visit our company’s website.

4. Purpose of use of personal information

Our company will collect the personal information described in 3., for our company’s legitimate interests as described below, or to fulfill our company’s legal obligations. Furthermore, when the customer’s information is necessary to fulfill contractual obligations with related parties (such as travel agents or the customer’s employers) or vendors (third parties such as credit card companies, and taxi companies) that are involved in arranging the customer’s travel arrangements.

  • To contact the customers to confirm reservation, and etc.
  • To provide service, product or information to the customers.
  • To conduct the following marketing activities
    • (A)Advertisement and provision of information on products, services, campaigns, and etc. by invitation letters, e-mails, etc. (*1)
    • (B)Distribution of behavioral targeting advertisements using Google and other advertising delivery service providers (*1)
    • (C)Analysis of attribute information, behavioral history, etc. obtained by our company to understand the interests and preferences of the customers, etc. (*2, *3)
  • Other matters equivalent to the above (A) to (C)

*1: Service will be provided, and advertisement will be distributed by analyzing information such as website browsing history and purchase history obtained from the customers.
*2: Our company’s website uses cookies for more convenient use of the customers. Please refer to “9. Cookies and other similar related technologies” for more information on the use of cookies.
※3:*3: Google analytics is used to investigate and analyze the status and manner of use of our website by the customers. All information collected by the use of Google analytics will be managed in accordance with Google’s privacy policy. For the details of Google analytics and the opt-out procedures, please refer to the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google’s Use of Information Collected from Sites and Apps that Use Google’s Services

  • To conduct analysis to improve services and products.
  • To send questionnaires for further improvement of our company’s services
  • To request compliance with the terms and conditions of use of services offered through the website
  • To protect the services provided through the website, and the customers, etc.
  • To verify the identity of the customers when the customers make a request for personal information in accordance with this policy
  • To fulfill our legal obligations (i.e. the laws of the location of the facility, including the laws of Japan)
  • To administer sweepstakes, raffles, and other promotions
  • To fulfill contractual obligations with related parties (such as travel agencies, group tour operators, the customer’s employers, etc.) or outside vendors (such as credit card companies, taxi companies, and etc.) that are involved in arranging the customer’s travel arrangements.
  • For purposes of use separately disclosed or announced to the customers
  • For record keeping

<Additional purposes of use concerning business partners (in the case of corporate customers, their executives)>

  • To make necessary business contacts, execute contracts, conduct business negotiations, etc.
  • To manage business partner information

<Additional purposes of use concerning applicants for employment>

  • For employment screening
  • For notification of acceptance or rejection
  • To send materials

Application documents will be kept strictly within our company and will be used as personnel data during the selection process and after employment. After the employment selection process, application materials will be promptly shredded if the applicant is not selected.

<Additional purposes of use regarding staff members>

  • For management of basic information as an employer
  • For business contacts
  • For payments (wages, bonuses, allowances, etc.)
  • To fulfill management of human resources and labor.
  • For provision of welfare benefits.
  • For health care.

5. Methods of information collection

Our company will collect personal information stated in 3. by the below methods.

1. Collection directly from the customers

About the information described in 3.1, our company may collect the customer’s information through a reservation or stay at our company’s accommodations, a creation of an account on our company’s website, a response to a survey, a participation in a drawing or sweepstakes, a contact to the customers service, or a reservation or use of our company’s services.

2. Collection from the customer’s equipment or our company’s network

About the information described in 3.2, our company may use cookies and related technologies to automatically collect personal information about the customers from the customer’s entire device when the customers use our company’s website or other contents.

3. Collection from other companies

In order to ensure that our customers can use our services comfortably, our company may use the selected internet services operated by other companies to collect personal information from the customers. Personal information may also be collected from the following parties

  • Travel agencies used by the customers
  • Taxi companies and other parties that provide transportation to the customers
  • Third party credit card companies used by the customers

4. Collection from social media

When the customers participate in the social media activities or services hosted by our company, our company may collect information about the customer’s contact and identity information, stay and purchase information, internet and network activity, plus other information about the customer that is contained in social media posts or profiles.

6. Information handling

1. Our company will appropriately and carefully manage the personal information received from the customers and take necessary and reasonable security control measures to prevent its leakage, loss, misuse, alteration, and unauthorized access. In addition, when personal information is collected through network communication, security is strived to be ensured by using security technologies such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communication, in order to prevent interception by third parties during the communication process.

2. Personal information received from the customers will always be managed in accordance with applicable laws.

7. Disclosure and provision to third parties

1. In order to improve the quality of our company’s services and for the convenience of our customers, our company may outsource part of the handling of personal information to an outside contractor. In such cases, our company will instruct and supervise the contractor to manage the information appropriately.

2. Our company will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties, except in the following cases

  • When there is the consent of the customers
  • When disclosure or provision is required by law
  • When it is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of an individual and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customers.
  • When it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, a local government, or an individual or entity entrusted by either a national agency or local.
  • When disclosing or providing information to subcontractors to the extent necessary to provide services to the customers
  • When personal information of the customers, or the right to control such personal information is transferred as part of the transferred business assets in connection with the transfer of the business.

8. Cookies and other similar related technologies

1. The use of cookie technology and related technologies on our website allows our company and other parties to evaluate and improve the functionality of our website. These cookies and related technologies also allow our company, ad networks, social media companies, and other service providers to display advertisements and customized content. The customers can find out how to control the use of cookies for advertising purposes, by consulting the documentation of the used internet browser, including the settings on the internet browser to block certain cookies. The settings chosen for cookies are specific to each website, device and browser and will be deleted when the browser’s cache is cleared. If the customers choose to reject cookies, some of the features of our company’s website may not be able to be used.

2. When the customers access our company’s website to make for example taxi arrangements, the customers may be transferred from our company’s website to a website managed by a third party (hereinafter referred to as “external websites”). In such cases, with exception of certain websites, the external websites are outside the scope of our company’s management responsibility. Therefore, when the customers submit personal information directly to an external website, our company is not responsible for the collection methods or privacy policies of that website. Please check the privacy and security policies of such external websites before accessing or providing personal information to them.

9. International transfer of personal information

Because our company is based in Japan, when the customers access our company’s website from a country other than Japan, the customer’s personal information may be transferred to Japan or another country, where our servers or databases are located. While our company strives to protect the customer’s personal information in an appropriate manner, the laws and forms of protection for personal information in Japan and other countries may not be as valid as those in the customer’s country of residence.

10. Choice of information provision

The customers may always choose the type of personal information to provide and how to receive (or decline) communications from our company regarding the personal information. If the customers choose not to provide any personal information, they may not be able to use some of the services our company provides.
Our company may contact the customers based on the personal information provided in order to inform the customers about services or events. If the customers do not wish to receive such information, or if the customers wish to change the method of communication between our company, the customers may change the above information at any time by contacting our company with the contact information in 17.

11. Retention period

In order to fulfill the purposes described in this policy, our company will retain the customer’s personal information for the period deemed necessary based on the following criteria

  • When there is an ongoing business relationship with the customers and services are provided to the customers (e.g. the customers have an account with our company or the period the customers have been using the services)
  • If our company has a legal obligation that must be complied with
  • When our company determines that retention is desirable in consideration with the legal position (e.g. statute of limitations, lawsuits, regulatory investigations, etc.)

12. Personal information of minors

Our company do not sell products or services to minors and will not collect personal information from customers or others under the age of 18.

13. Respect for the rights of the customers

Our company respects the rights of the customers and will respond to requests for disclosure, correction, restriction, deletion, or exercise of data portability rights or objections based on laws and regulations, to the extent reasonable and necessary, after confirming the identity of the customers.
In addition, if the customers have offered agreement, they can withdraw it by contacting our company.

14. For customers making reservations and purchases


  • Payment information provided by customers who have made reservations at GOSENJAKU Hotel Kamikochi is managed by JTB Book & Pay.
  • Payment information provided by the customers who have made reservations at THE PARKLODGE Kamikochi and the 5HORN is managed by GMO Payment Gateway.
  • With regards to payment information provided by the customers who have purchased at GIFT GALLERY GOSENJAKU, the management of such information is entrusted with Hay Co.

15. Changes to our privacy policy

Our company may review this policy from time to time and make changes as necessary.
If our company changes this policy, appropriate measures will be taken, such as posting the revised policy on the official website of GOHSENJAKU Corporation.

16. Our company name, address and name of representative

GOSENJAKU Corporation
4468 Ajikamikochi, Matsumoto City, Nagano, Japan 390-1516
Takaho Fujisawa, President and Representative Director

17. Contact information for inquiries

Please contact the following for any comments, questions, requests, inquiries or complaints regarding disclosure, handling of personal information. Please contact below for inquiries regarding personal information.
Contact for personal information